efcSpain, your partner in the certification of Good Agricultural Practices (GACP) for Europe. E-GACP®

In compliance with the guidelines of the HMPC commission of the EMA (European Medicines Agency), the cultivation, collection and primary processing of plants that have an ultimate purpose of medicinal use, must be carried out following the legal requirements of the community and country in which these activities are being developed, including the cultivation of Cannabis since September 2020.

For this, it is mandatory to evaluate and supervise agricultural practices in aspects related to the personal hygiene, facilities, equipment, documentation, and those specific aspects of crops such as propagation, use of fertilizers and pesticides or irrigation, harvest and primary processing, which includes steps such as washing, freezing and drying the collected material.

efcSpain partners with DEVECAN. efcSpain is the only company in the world that certifies new agricultural practices- including the cultivation of Cannabis since September 2020- following European guidelines, betting on quality for both the company and the consumer, by complying with these European guidelines, guaranteeing complete traceability and sustainable production.


For the company

  • Compliance with European directives (EMEA).
  • Proper selection of seeds (family / species / variety / origin).
  • Validated processes and procedures for efficient cultivation.
  • Clean and adequate structures and equipment for effective and safe collection.
  • Staff properly trained in farming and hygiene practices.
  • Identify the optimal place of cultivation considering soil quality, weather conditions, water quality, irrigation and drainage.
  • Optimal primary processing in order to prevent depreciation of plant properties.

For the consumer

  • Demonstration of commitment to excellence.
  • Complete safety regarding the quality of the products and the production process.
  • Confidentiality of the process.
  • Minimization of response times.