Gender equality

Gender Parity

Did you know that companies that have implemented parity practices have increased their profits by up to 23%?

efcSpain has a solid commitment to the values of Gender Parity™, diversity and inclusion and we also combine our values with a certification that leads to success for our clients.

We are the first Certification body to issue the Gender Parity Company™ (GPC) certificate in compliance with UNESCO recommendations.

Obtaining the GPC certificate enhances our clients’ reputation, demonstrating their firm commitment to Gender Parity, which translates into increased productivity, organizational efficiency and results.



  • Employees aligned with the values of the company.
  • Employees committed to the objectives of the company.
  • Higher productivity.
  • Simple internal communication.


  • Demonstration of commitment to Gender Parity.
  • Business positioning.
  • Provide information on social policies.
  • Transparency in human resource management