Engineering Excellence Application (EEA™)

Because starting from an excellent design is the key to success

Obtaining the Engineering Excellence Application (EEA™) Certificate guarantees that the designs made consider criteria for efficiency and effectiveness, which translates into a reduction in costs. The engineering service provided always exceeds the expectations of the clients, which guarantees their total satisfaction. In addition, the final result of the project involves innovative elements and high quality


For the company

  • Coordination assured between departments.
  • Time and cost reduction in design.
  • Cost/Effective unique manufacturing processes
  • Optimize the management of available resources.
  • Increase in reputation, customers and profit.
  • Employee satisfaction and talent acquisition.
  • Enhance positioning in universities.

For the consumer

  • Minimization of costs in the execution of the project.
  • Fewer reviews and a better response time.
  • Consideration of innovative criteria and differentiation.
  • A complete portfolio of services for all engineering disciplines involved in project design.
  • Guaranteed compliance with current legislation and the forecast of changes in subsequent years.
  • Total customer satisfaction.
  • Developments made with specialized computer programs and using cutting-edge technologies.